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Soft Machine

Formé de 1966 à 1982 et composé de
Chant, Batterie : Robert Wyatt "Matching mole"
Guitare : Daevid Allen (Australie) "Gong" avant sortie du 1er LP
Guitare Basse : Kevin Ayers (pour le 1er LP)
Guitare Basse : Hugh Hopper (Anaid)
Claviers : Michael Rattledge
ajout de cuivres Mark Charig/ Elton Dean / Lynne Dobson / Nick Evans

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site de soft machine :

LP sortie en 1969
33 tours vinyl
Vol 2
Robert Wyatt, Mike Ratledge, Hugh Hopper

-Pataphysical introduction -I
-A concise british alphabet -I
-Hibou anemone and bear
-A concise... -II
-Hullo deer
-Dada was here
-Have you ever been green ?
-Pata phys. intro .-II
-Out of tunes
-As long as he lies perfectly still
-Dedicated to you, but you weren't listenning
-Fire engine passing with bells clanging
-Orange skin food
-A door opens and closes
-10:30 returns to bedroom

Collection personnelle D 1564
référence Barclay 0921 019

LP sortie en 1970
33 tours vinyl
Third (double LP)
Mike Ratledge: organ, piano
Hugh Hopper: bass
Robert Wyatt: drums, voc
Elton Dean: alto sax, saxello
Rab Spall: violin
Lyn Dobson: flûte, soprano sax
Nick Evans: trombone
Jimmy Hastings: flûte, bass clarinet

-Face lift (live at Fairfield Hall, Croydon,
January 4, 1970 and at Mother's Club,
Birmingham, Jan 11, 1970)
-Slightly all the time
-Moon in June

Collection personnelle D 549
référence Barclay 0920 22 4-5

Article du magazine Rock & Folk N° 43 d'Août 1970
Melmoth 1970

LP sortie en 1972
33 tours vinyl
Face and place Vol 7
. That's How Much I Need You Now (2:29)
2. Save Yourself (2:45)
3. I Should've Known (7:30) 4. Jet Propelled Photograph (aka Shooting at the Moon) (2:33)
5. When I don't Want You (2:49)
6. Memories (2:59)
7. You Don't Remember (3:45)
8. She's Gone (2:11)
9. I'd Rather Be With You (3:40)
Collection personnelle D 1167
référence Byg 529 907

LP sortie en 1973
33 tours vinyl
Karl Jenkins: oboe, sax, recorder, elec piano
Roy Babbington: bass, ac bass
John Marshall: drums, percu
Mike Ratledge: organ, synth, elec piano

-Nettle bed
-Carol Ann
-Day's eye
-Bone fire
-Penny Hitch
-Down the road
-The german lesson
-The french lesson

Collection personnelle D879
référence CBS S65 799

Article du magazine Best N° 36 de Juillet 1971